(Santiago, 1980)

Contemporary Dance Artist, completed undergraduate studies in Graphic Design (University of Chile, 2004) and Dance Pedagogy (ARCIS, 2008). With an interest in interdisciplinary work, he has taken several courses that include technologies, voice, percussion and somatic practices. He is currently in training with a somatic educator at BMM (The Center for BodyMindMovement) and completed a specialization at Axis Syllabus (Movement Artisans; Berlin, Germany), on scholarship.

In his artistic work, he interweaves his diverse interests, resulting in the emergence of proposals that take on a time-space that mobilizes perception, sensation and thought.

His professional roles include choreographer, professor and performer. He is the director of La Licuadora, where he invites artists from multiple disciplines to creative laboratories in order to develop projects in diverse, hybrid formats (performing arts, video, installation, etc.). He forms part of the creative duo “Detrás del Futuro” alongside Josefina Camus, with whom he is currently an associate artist at Centro NAVE.

Since 2007, his work has been presented in several countries: Germany, Egypt, Hungary, Spain, Austria, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Costa Rica, Peru and Chile.