Art and Science Festival Workshop (CEINA-NAVE 2021)

This workshop proposed different topics surrounding the collective imagination of “Detrás del Futuro” and its project “Fitopía”. During the initial process, an approach to the plant world was taken through theoretical information, both scientific and from other sources. In addition, participants conducted somatic practices, recognition of one’s own body and its sensibilities, to later connect with the body of the plants.

A second phase opened the theme to creative methodologies, where participants shared their own stories and memories associated with the plant world. Technologies and installation practices were also used in the space for bodily experimentation, in communication with plants and trees. A small exhibition was held that brought together the significant milestones of the research and creative process, entitled “Doing photosynthesis and dancing”. This exhibition was presented at the Art and Science Festival in CEINA (December 2021).

During this workshop, we collaborated with artist
Carolina Cifras and biologist Lorena Norambuena
(professor from the University of Chile).

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