FITOPÍA is bioinspired in the plant world. This performatic installation invites participants to approach the notions of activity and passivity in inhabiting one’s surroundings, questioning the implications of our overactivity in the environment.

By Lorena Ormeño

The current water scarcity and ecological crisis highlight the need for questions that invite us to look at non-human models of coexistence between living things.

Inverting the attention toward the plant world opens up diverse perspectives: decentralized organization that does not hold the brain to be the only hierarchically ordered command center; collaborative modes of survival; and capacities for adaptation, among others.

The ecosystem of FITOPÍA is made up of different media — sound, visuality, performance and video, constituting a tapestry of organic elements, waste and diverse technologies — which guide the sensory experience toward reflection.

By Lorena Ormeño

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Indian shot, Agave, Aromo, Equisetum, Stenocarpus, Festuca, Beeblossom, Papyrus, Fountaingrasses, Lavender and Ragworts are our protagonists

Co-Director, PerformerJosefina Camus
Co-Director, PerformerRodrigo Chaverini
Sound Designer, MusicFrancisco Marín
Sound ArtistCe Pams
Set & Light DesignerCatalina Devia
Assistant Set DesignerGabriela Torrejón
Audiovisual Director, Video ArtPaula Sepúlveda
Assistant Audiovisual DirectorFernando Andreo
Digital AnimationPoli Mujica
Costume DesignerCatalina Devia
Jacket Design and FabricationMatías Hernán
Creative ProduceMayo Rodríguez Baeza
Communications ManagerDaniela Valdés
Collaborators and Co-ProducerCreation & Residency space Centro NAVE, Valparaíso Cultural Park (PCdV) and Centro Cultural M100
Project funded byThe 2021 National Fund for the Development of Culture and the Arts, Performing Arts category, through the Transitional Emergency Fund.

The project’s research process delved into diverse reading materials related to botany, gardening and ecology, and included field study as well as a series of interviews, which are available online in podcast format (Podcast language: Spanish).

FITOPÍA was presented at Centro NAVE, Parque Cultural de Valparaíso and Matucana 100 during March and April 2022.

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09/abr | 13:00pm
03/abri | 18:00pm

Fecha y horario

Fitopía / Parque cultural Valparaiso

22/abr | 19:30pm
23/abr | 19:30pm

Fecha y horario

Fitopía / Matucana 100

27/abr | 20:00pm
03/may | 18:00pm